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2006 November 11/13/2006

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of
The Town of Lakewood Plan Commission
Town of Lakewood
November 13, 2006 6:30 p.m.

In Attendance: Adriane Bartels, Scott Van Laanen, Ted Schuurmans, Greg Weyers, Marlene Sauriol and Lee Spletter
Excused: None
Guests: (Per attached list)

1. Call to Order:
Chairperson Greg Weyers called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

2. Approval of Agenda:
A motion to approve the agenda was made by Lee Spletter and seconded by Scott Van Laanen. Motion was passed.

3. Approve Minutes of Prior Meeting:
A motion to approve the minutes of October 9, 2006, was made by Lee Spletter and seconded by Marlene Sauriol. Motion was passed.

4. CSM Plat, Conditional Use Permits, Rezones and Other Proposals:
a. Certified Survey Map from Northeast Surveying, Harry (Jess) Smith, for a split of two lots owned by Linda Heisler et al on Riverside Road identified as Lots 2 and 3 of the CSM. Lot 1 adjacent to the properties is zoned R-1 (owned by Sievert). The proposed lot to be split is zoned Rural Residential. The parcel is alittle over four (4) acres. Each of the lots, therefore, will be conforming to the two acres requirement for Rural Residential. Lee Spletter noted that the DNR has been involved in this matter and the issues are not resolved as yet. Discussion was held. No surveyor was present to answer any of the questions or concerns. A note should be made on the CSM that the R/O/W dedication should read “33” feet from the center of the roadway rather than the thirty (30) feet. The matter was tabled for the next meeting for surveyor input.

b. Conditional Use Permit – Assisting Living Facilities – Forest View Terrace
A hearing was held prior to this meeting for public input as to recommendation of granting a Conditional Use Permit for the assisted living facilities as proposed. There were both positive and negative statements made at this hearing. Discussion was held concerning recommendation to the Town Board as to granting the Conditional Use Permit. Concerns involved the proposed cafe, allowing of public meetings to be held at the facility, road conditions, snowmobile route hazards and negative feedback from the neighbors. It appeared that the elderly at the public hearing were interested in learning more about the costs and plans and were accepting of the new facility. A motion was made by Ted Schuurmans and seconded by Scott Van Laanen to approve recommendation to the Town Board for the Conditional Use Permit. Motion was passed. Adrianne Bartels abstained from voting.

5. All New Business Authorized By Law:
a. Ted Schuurmans presented an issue regarding the RV Park matter and an anticipated zoning ordinance change for Oconto County involving campgrounds. The judge has ruled in favor of the Plaintiffs in the lawsuit involving the granting of a conditional use permit for temporary camping in forestry for the RV Park proposed on County F. It was noted that the county ordinance utilized was too vague to apply. A session of the Board of Adjustment was held on November 8, 2006, wherein a change of definitions and proposal of wording change to include “campgrounds in forestry” was discussed. A public hearing on zoning ordinance changes is scheduled for December 8, 2006, at 9:00 a.m. Ted Schuurmans pointed out that the zoning changes would not be in accordance with the Master Comprehensive Plan and that Oconto County was simply ignoring town input on these changes. A motion was made by Marlene Sauriol and seconded by Ted Schuurmans to send a letter from the commission to the Planning and Zoning Department in Oconto County recommending that campgrounds under forestry not be added to the ordinance and camping temporary under forestry should be removed. The motion and letter should also include retaining “campgrounds” under the Parks and Recreation Zoning District. This letter should also be copied to the Oconto County Board. This letter should be coordinated between Marlene Sauriol and Greg Weyers and be signed by Greg Weyers. A motion was made by Greg Weyers and seconded by Marlene Sauriol to recommend similar procedure for the Lakewood Town Board.
Motion was passed.

There was no other business.

A motion was made by Greg Weyers and seconded by Adriane Bartels to adjourn the meeting. Motion was passed.
Respectfully submitted,

Marlene Sauriol
Marlene Sauriol, Secretary