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2012 December 12/10/2012

December 10, 2012
7:00 p.m.

This meeting was posted in the four usual places those being the Lakewood Town Hall, Lakewood Super Valu, Laona Bank and Lakewood Administrative Office.

PRESENT: Joanne Roy, Chairman, Lee Spletter, Supervisor, Tom Haberstein, Supervisor Denise Jackett, Clerk, Virginia Nelson, Treasurer.

VISITORS: Don Jackson , Loren Nelson, Josh Riebe.

Chairman Joanne Roy called this meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Tom H. moved to accept the agenda. Second by Lee S., all ayes motion carried.

Motion made by Tom H. to approve the Minutes of the November 12, 2012 Regular Town Board Meeting,
Public Budget Hearing, Special Town Meeting of the Electors and Special Town Board Meeting.

Seconded by Lee S., all ayes motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Given by Virginia Nelson, and summarized in these minutes.

Checking Account Beginning Balance: $ 183,881.33
Receipts: $ 130,183.81
Total in Checking $ 314,065.14
Less Expenses: $ 255,167.94
Balance in Checking $ 58,897.20

Fire Department Account: $ 1,666.11
Cemetery Account: $500.00
Tax Account: $234,696.30
Capital Improvement Fund $127,935.88
Grant Feasibility Account $ 3,353.43

Joanne inquired if the beginning balance was correct because the bank in the past month had called and requested a money transfer to the account because the account was overdrawn.
Virginia commented it to be correct because the transfer had happened in that month.
Denise questioned the beginning balance $183,881.33does not match the ending balance of $183,435.38 from the month prior. There was a check in the amount of approximately $205,000.00 that came through at the time the bank called about the insufficient funds in the account. Denise gave permission to transfer $100,000.00 into the General Checking Account from the Tax Account.
Virginia commented the monies were not transferred right after the meeting. The check was written in September and the transfer on funds happen in the same month so the beginning balance is correct.
Joanne questioned if the town balances with the bank. Virginia replied that it does balance.
Joanne commented that she does not want to find six months from now it doesn’t balance and has to go back to find the err.
Virginia commented the check was written on September 10th and the check came in on September 14th.
Joanne asked if all the blacktop and road work had been paid. Denise confirmed that it had been paid.
Joanne asked if there were any other questions or comments on the treasurer report.

Tom H. moved to accept the Treasurer Report. Seconded by Lee S., all ayes motion carried.

Plan Commission:
1. CSM for Rymer property on Waubee Lake represented by Mau & Associates,
LLP of Green Bay WI.

Lee S. made reference to table the Certified Survey Map for the Rymer property because there is no one hundred feet of property frontage on the lake or on a town road. The Certified Survey was referred back to the surveyor and he will go back to the County.

Discussion and Possible Action on Wurzer Mobile Home property in Remus Woods Subdivision:
Lee S commented that the County was in the process of pursuing the property on the corner of Remus Woods and Brer Fox. The County had issued a date to move the trailers or fines would be given for non-compliance.

Joanne gave an update for the Wurzer property at 15010 Brer Fox. Joanne had spoken with Kevin at the County and it was indicated that Tom Wurzer was going to try to have his property rezoned for a business. At this point the County was not going to pursue the removal of the trailers.

Lee S added the information the Plan Commission had received; Kevin from Oconto County said that Tom Wurzer was issued tickets, each in the amount of $315.50. Next court date is October 24, 2012 at 10:30 a.m.. Kevin has given Tom Wurzer until October 23, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. to remove the trailers or apply for a rezone with Bill Bartz, at which time Wurzer would have to pay $375.00 at that time for the rezone. Wurzer plans on relocating his business to the lot, rezoning it to commercial to do so. Another ticket will be issued if nothing is done. Wurzer must apply for the rezone or move the trailers. Another issue with Wurzer is at 17260 County F. There are three pontoon boats, three trucks, other items and a bus on the property. The county is in the process of working on that issue. No other information at this time.

Joanne commented that the complaint she received was for the mobile home that someone was possibly to live in, not the trailers parked on it. It was looked at and she did not see that it was actually condemnable, it does need some work. It is not obvious that it is condemnable. It may possibly be a health hazard because of all the stuff lying around and possible rodents.

Tom H. commented he was along on the same day. He had more of an issue with all the trailers and items lying around than the mobile home.

Lee S. commented that the area is all residential at this time.
Joanne commented that a building inspector could take a look at the mobile home to see if it is livable or fixable.
The Board concurred to not pursue the building inspector until the County has made a determination.

Set Date for Budget Workshops and Budget Hearing:
Possible dates to meet for Workshop could be Monday, October 22, 2012 or October 29, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.. Tom H. will check his schedule and get back to Denise to confirm date.

Information on Town Hall Software Company:
Denise refreshed the Board as to the Town Hall Software was the software made for municipalities that she had approached the board to purchase. It being presumably a package that would ease the work and data input needed in the clerk position as far as processing reports, etc. Denise presented the board with information and an e-mail received from Town Hall Software previously submitted to the Better Business Bureau for Service Issues.
There were many attempts via telephone or e-mail to contact the sellers pertaining to issues with the software.
With no response from Town Hall Software, it lead to the filing of complaint to the Better Business Bureau. After a wait Town Hall Software had responded , believable because the hand was forced.
A response of apology from the Town Hall Software Company (which was provided to the Board) and an offer of a new upgrade to the software with a 6-month period to evaluate and determine if we in fact like the new product and services.
Joanne was not able to determine how to access information from the software.
The fear of having to double entry all information over again is an issue.
The Board concurred to pursue the refund of the Town’s Money ($1199.00) spent on the Software.

Resolution in Support of Constitutional Amendment for Fair Share for Local Roads:
Joanne reported the resolution was issued in the Wisconsin Town’s Publication looking for support that the majority of the money doesn’t stay with the state roads, that local government would get a fair share for local roads.

Tom H. moved to pass the Resolution in Support of Constitutional Amendment for Fair Share for Local Roads. Seconded by Lee S., all ayes motion carried. Resolution Signed.

Board, Clerk, Treasurer, Assessor Comments and Correspondence:

Tom H.:
• Complement to road workers on job well done on roads and shoulders.
• Six town’s Meeting is bringing up the Satellite Office. Movement by Town of Mountain to have the Six Towns build a building. The Town of Mountain would donate the land. Others wanted to look at buying a building instead of renting. With all the monies spent on rent to this point a building could have been bought or built. Talk of possibly looking at different properties
• Oconto County Unit of Wisconsin Town’s Association Meeting on October 18, 2012 at 7:00 p.m., Hayes Community Center, Suring.
• State of Wisconsin Office of Commissioner if Insurance, letter of possible rate increase.
• Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Notice of $642.10 to be received for Forest Crop/Manufactured Forest Lands.
• Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Estimated Shared Revenue in amount of $15,991.00 for the November Payment to town.
• Lakes Country Library, Receipt of additional funds in amount of $1352.84 to remain exempt for Library tax.
• Oconto county Clerk, Ordinance #2036 relating to fair housing, #2037 adoption of employee handbook.
• Oconto County Economic Development Corporation, letter of joint marketing efforts for tourism.
• Oconto County Planning and Zoning, Notice of Public Hearing for a rezone from forest District to Rural Residential, Patrick and Yvonne Biersteker.
• Office of Planning and Zoning, Setback variance was granted to Mary Regan.
• Office of Land Information Systems, Parcel number 019-3727095, physical address sign was placed at the wrong driveway location. variance to build closer to the water and lot line.
• Office of Land Information Systems , New Platt books are in process of being developed, looking for historical facts and photos from the 1912 era.
• Town of Mountain Fax, Mike Rzepka, Humane officer will be on vacation, Jim Bubb will be covering.

Pay Vouchers:
Motion was made by Lee S., to approve the vouchers. Seconded by Tom H.. All ayes motion carried.

Public Comments:
Greg Weyers:
Met with Peter Liptack to see what information he would like to see on the website.
A complete revamp would be needed. Town would need to choose a web developer for design and should choose a couple of websites that the town would like to model theirs after.
Different options are out there.
Website could link to other information.
Recommends town hire someone to get the site the way it is envisioned.

Set date for next Regular Town Board Meeting and Special Meeting of the Electors and Budget Hearing: (November 12, 2012)

Motion to adjourn by Tom H., Seconded by Lee S.. All ayes motion carried adjourned at 8:08 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise A. Jackett
Denise A. Jackett, Clerk